California Corporations Code Section 35100

Every subversive organization in existence on September 13, 1941, shall within 30 days after that date, and every subversive organization thereafter organized shall within 10 days after its organization, file with the Secretary of State, on such forms and in such detail as he may prescribe, the following information and documents: (a) A complete and detailed statement subscribed, under oath, by all of its officers, showing all of the following: (1) Its name and post-office address. (2) The names and addresses of all its branches, chapters, and affiliates. (3) The names, nationalities, and residence addresses of its officers and members, and the qualifications required for membership in it. (4) The nature and extent of its existing and proposed aims, purposes, and activities. (5) The times and places of its meetings. (6) The description and location of the real property and the kind, quantity, and quality of the personal property owned by it, its assets and liabilities, the methods for the financing of its activities, and the names and addresses of all persons, organizations, and other sources who or which have contributed money, property, literature, or other things of value to the organization or any of its branches, chapters, or affiliates for any of its purposes. (7) Such other information as the Secretary of State may from time to time require. (b) A true copy, certified by all of its officers, of all of the following: (1) Its charter, articles of association, or constitution, and its by-laws, rules, and regulations. (2) Its oath, affirmation, or pledge of membership, if any. (3) Each agreement, resolution, and other instrument or document relating to its organization, powers, and purposes and the powers and duties of its officers and members. (4) Each book, pamphlet, leaflet, or other printed, written, or illustrated matter directly or indirectly issued or distributed by it or in its behalf, or to or by its members with its knowledge, consent, or approval. (5) Such other documents as the Secretary of State may from time to time require. (c) A description of the uniforms, badges, insignia, or other means of identification prescribed by it, and worn or carried by its officers or members, or any of such officers or members. (d) In case it is subject to foreign control, a statement of the manner in which it is so subject.