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Stuart Dorf
26700 Lahser Road
Southfield, MI 48033

(248) 390-9541

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Stuart Dorf

Attorney Profile
Law School

Illinois Institute of Technology
1998 - 2001


(248) 390-9541

I've focused my career on building successful businesses. Over the past decade I created several nationally recognized organizations in the technology, marketing and real estate industries.

By accurately evaluating market opportunities, targeting customer needs, and developing differentiated solutions, Stuart helps companies put processes in place to drive significant gains in sales, profit and competitive market position.

♦ Business Development & Marketing
♦ Client Relationship Management
♦ Business & Corporate Law
♦ Strategic Planning / Execution

Selected Highlights
♦ Co-founding Instadium LLC, a national leader in sports marketing & advertising.
♦ Developed a marketing campaign for two commercial real estate data firms-market data firm that tripled their respective channel networks.
♦ Counseled national organizations and financial institutions in over $3 Billion of commercial real estate acquisitions, dispositions and financing matters.

Stuart brings fresh insight and an innovative approach to business development and revenue enhancement strategies. Leveraging expertise in niche message marketing, a solid of business law and relationship management, Stuart helps companies achieve growth objectives.