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Philip Cave
Military Law & Justice

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Case Western Reserve University
1976 - 1979


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Under Investigation - NCIS, OSI, CID, CGCIS, IG, BOI, AR 15-6, JAGMAN, DCIS, DSS?  (Your Rights!)  If you are being investigated we can assist you before a military lawyer is even assigned to your case.  Service regulations limit the circumstances in which military lawyers can help prior to formal charges --- by then it is often too late.

Case Evaluation.  Do you need a case evaluation -- a second opinion?  Contact us for a second opinion on what's happening in your case.  Sometimes a consultation is all you or your family need.

Court-Martial - Being prosecuted under the UCMJ?  We work with your military lawyer to ensure the best defense possible.

Security Clearance - Lost it, losing it, need to get it, appealing an adverse action? Failure to keep or to get a security clearance can limit your employability.  Do you need help filling out the SF86, or responding to a letter or intent or statement of reasons.

AWOL/UA/Deserter?  If you or a family member are currently in this "status," call/email for information on the best way to resolve matters.

Adverse Administrative Actions Under the UCMJ -  NJP/Article 15; adverse OER; denial/ revocation of promotion, security clearance, Medical Provider credentials; removal from a special status or position?  Do you need to submit a rebuttal?  Add experienced counsel to that of your military defense lawyer.

Post-conviction/Appeals of Convictions Under the UCMJ - Assistance with the post-trial clemency or Clemency & Parole Board?  Our lawyers work with your military lawyer to ensure an effective appeal. Appealing your conviction?  Court of Criminal Appeals (CCA), Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces? Judge Advocate General (convicted, but didn't get a BCD/DD/1yr)?

Discharge- enlisted person being processed for administrative discharge/elimination/officer being required to "show cause" and facing a BOI/DFR?  Our lawyers work with your military defense lawyer to ensure the best defense possible.

 Discharge Upgrade. Trying to upgrade your discharge (Discharge Review Board case)?