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PRWeb was founded in 1997 to help small businesses leverage the Internet to communicate their news to the public. In the process of doing so, PRWeb pioneered the direct-to-consumer press release, allowing companies for the first time to communicate their news directly to customers, prospects, analysts and the media.

During the past decade, PRWeb has been at the forefront of innovation, redefining the traditional press release and changing forever how organizations of all sizes distribute their news. Among the dozens of innovations by PRWeb:

  • Introduced search engine optimization (SEO) for press releases to increase the visibility of news in search engines like Google and Yahoo!
  • Added social bookmarking tools like trackbacks and bookmark links to take advantage of the explosion in social networking
  • Recognized the potential of Really Simple Syndication to increase the distribution potential of news and built the industry’s largest RSS network
  • Allowed customers to include podcasts along with their news to increase the impact of their news release
  • Introduced “Feature Video” allowing customers to leverage the video content from popular sites like YouTube to bring their news to life

Today, PRWeb continues to set the standard for the distribution of news online. From the smallest business to the Fortune 500, PRWeb has helped over 40,000 organizations of all sizes maximize the online visibility of their news. PRWeb was acquired in 2006 by Vocus (NASDAQ: VOCS), a leader in on-demand software for Public Relations, and has been featured in publications such as Fortune and The Wall Street Journal.