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Jin Kim
Sacramento Tax Attorney
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Jin Kim
Sacramento Tax Attorney

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(916) 299-9913

The Tax Law Office of Jin Kim offers tax resolution services to the greater Sacramento, California area. As a California tax attorney, Jin Kim helps clients secure offers in compromise, installment agreements, and non-collectible status with the IRS and California tax agencies. In addition, she offers audit defense services and maintains a cannabis tax relief practice.

Business Tax Attorney. California Tax Attorney. Tax Payment Offers in Compromise Attorney.

Jin Kim's Law Posts

Many California businesses are vulnerable to sales tax audits conducted by the CDTFA, but marijuana dispensaries are particularly vulnerable due to the frequency of return filings and cannabis-specific taxes imposed by the State of California that are collected via the CDTFA.

California tax attorney Jin Kim represents cannabis businesses under audit by the CDTFA for sales tax and excise tax violations.
California tax lawyer Jin Kim helps Sacramento clients resolve their IRS, FTB, & CDTFA tax debt for a flat fee on a monthly payment plan.