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Alexandra Arko
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Alexandra Arko
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(216) 373-7706

Ali combines her experience litigating on behalf of the State of Ohio at the Prosecutor’s Office with her entrepreneurial and marketing background to assist clients in managing and repairing their brand reputation through the removal of defamatory Internet content.

Ali assists clients with individually tailored content removal strategies that include litigating Internet defamation lawsuits against known and unknown perpetrators, uncovering the identities of anonymous authors, and securing the removal of defamatory Internet content in all 50 states. Ali also assists clients by negotiating with the owners of websites, news publications, publishing companies, and social media sites to persuade them to remove defamatory, private, or copyrighted material. She is experienced in removing content from Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, Rip Off Report, The Dirty, and numerous other “shaming” websites that allow users to post negative content about individuals and businesses.

Prior to her work at the Prosecutor’s Office, Ali served as the founder and CEO of a successful digital marketing, brand management and advertising firm, where she managed a diverse portfolio of clients and products, ranging from luxury vehicles to celebrity reputations. As a former CEO and skilled marketing professional, Ali understands the devastating financial impact Internet defamation can have on a business, as well as the vulnerability felt by those impacted by an attack. Because of her unique mix of business, marketing and legal experience, she sees each client’s case from all angles, allowing her to deliver comprehensive representation, coupled with compassionate advocacy.

In Ali’s spare time, she partners with Second Star Ohio and A Special Wish Foundation, granting wishes to children who have been diagnosed with life threatening disorders.