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Anthony Castelli
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Anthony Castelli
Law Office of Anthony D. Castelli

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Northern Kentucky University
1976 - 1989



I have over 30 years experience as a Cincinnati personal injury attorney handling all kinds of  personal injury law, including car accidents, motorcycle and trucking accidents. I have also handled product liability and construction accidents. I also represent claimants for Ohio workers compensation. 

I have expanded my practice to include mediation of disputes as well as arbitration. I have had extensive trainging including Harvard's 40 hour program on negotiation

I am uniquely positioned to represent people that were hurt while working by a third party and thus can bring a third party action as well as a workers compensation claim. Some of these involve constuction area injuries, but many are car accidents where poeple are driving for their employer and another causes a car crash. There have been occasions where the same client has had a workers comp claim, a third party claim and a claim for Social security disability. I understand the interplay among these three area of law and the evidence that can be generated in each case that could effect the other case. I have been a Ohio Social security disability benefits lawyer for over 30 years as well

I have one full time legal assistants and a pat time case manager on staff so that each of my clients gets the personal attention they deserve . i accept referrals from attorneys on a fee sharing basis in accordance with the rules on professional resposibility. And am glad to receive referrals amd split fees.  My blog Cincinnati accident and personal injury attorney is active and feautures tips and help for personal injury , car accidents, wrongfuldeath and Social security disability. 

My website Anthony Castelli Attorney  Cincinnati personal injury is

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