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Brad Nakase
Nakase Law Firm – Personal Injury Lawyers
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Brad Nakase
Nakase Law Firm – Personal Injury Lawyers

Attorney Profile
Law School

California Western
2000 - 2004


(619) 550-1321

A dynamic, client-focused attorney, Brad Nakase has been driving value and success for his clients since being admitted

to the California State Bar in 2005. Founder of the Nakase Law Firm, Brad has been awarded the prestigious 2020 Lawyers

of Distinction honor for excellence in personal injury law and the coveted Justia Clients’ Choice Award for his top-

rated client representation. The firm started in 2005 serving California as car accident attorneys.

Brad Nakase, a car accident lawyer in San Diego, is an personal injury and employment lawyer in California. As lead trial counsel, Brad Nakase has  successfully protected his clients' interests to trial verdicts. In a notable case, Mr. Nakase represented the

shareholder of a corporation in which he obtained a verdict exceeding $6 million for the shareholders. In another notable case, Mr. Nakase obtained a verdict in favor of his clients exceeding $2.5 million against conspirators of corporate officers' embezzlement.

Brad Nakase has been protecting his clients since 2005. As truck accident lawyer, Brad Nakase has successfully protected
his clients' interests. Mr. Nakase represented, as business litigation lawyer, and at trial concerning general liability insurance defense, personal injury, business disputes. Defending as a motorcycle accident lawyer, Mr. Nakase has felt it was necessary empathize with motorcylists and see it from their point of view. Recently, Mr. Nakase open is law practice as an employment lawyer.