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david meyer
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(614) 705-0951

 The attorneys at Meyer Wilson specialize in investment fraud and misconduct as well as securities arbitration. If your financial advisor or stock broker has committed fraud we are the best when it comes to recovering your losses.

Areas we specialize in:

Ponzi/Pyramid Schemes- A ponzi or pyramid scheme is a when a broker uses previous investments to pay back investors. There is no actual invesment just a fradulent scheme.

Hedge Fund Fraud- Contrary to popular belief hedge funds can be risky investments. If a broker misleads you into making one of these investments they may be liable for lost investments.

Churning Fraud - When a broker makes a high volume of investments so they are able to make more comission off each investment in turn losing you money.

Derivative Securities Frad

Assest Allocation Fraud

In the recent past many people who have invested experienced massive financial losses due to stockbrokers commiting fraud and misconduct. Securties fraud varys from a single broker commiting fraud to entire corporations engaging in fradulent practices. Brokers who steal fundspeople they represent by tricking them into investing money made payable to the are liable for losses. Brokerage firms who push toxic assets onto unsuspecting investors are liable for securities fraud.

Securities fraud victims can be anyone: individual investors, retirees, small businesses, corporations, pension funds, and institutional investors.

Meyer Wilson has served clients who are spread out nationwide, including in cities such as Los Angeles, Cincinnati, New York, and Tampa. If you want a renowned legal professional to back your securities fraud claim we are the people to call.

Over 350 million recovered for clients so far. Call (888) 390-6491 today for a free consultation.