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Layfield Wallace
Layfield & Wallace, APC
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Layfield Wallace
Layfield & Wallace, APC

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Arizona State University
2000 - 2002


(855) 880-8335

 At Layfield & Wallace, APC, we have earned a reputation among our peers in the legal profession. Other attorneys come to us for help because they know that our personal injury lawyers get results. When other lawyers feel that their client's case is too difficult, they often send the client to us as a referral, and we are happy to take on the challenge. Our offices: Orange County, Los Angeles, Washington DC.

You may have a personal injury case if you have been injured in an accident and someone else’s negligent or intentional behavior caused the injury. If the cause of the accident was reasonably preventable, consider speaking with one of our attorneys today. We always offer free consultations.
The majority of personal injury cases are settled out of court, meaning the plaintiff will receive compensation without going to trial. However, our attorneys fight hard to ensure our clients receive the compensation they deserve after an accident. This often means we must take cases to court. As part of our preparation, the attorneys at Layfield & Wallace always work as though a case will go to trial.
Layfield & Wallace is known for addressing challenging situations headfirst and winning. Other attorneys refer clients to us because of our success. We prefer to become involved in our cases as soon as possible. Many personal injury cases rely on timely investigations and immediate action. Allow us to represent you, and we will work hard to secure the best possible.