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Dan Scarfo
Dan Scarfo

Montclair, NJ 07043

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Dan Scarfo
Dan Scarfo

Attorney Profile
Law School

Seton Hall University
1998 - 2001



I’m a specialist in the area of both internal medicine and law.

 Have formed a productive team of highly qualified standards. We can propose consultancy services to attorneys according medical malpractice as well as to pharmaceutical companies according drugs. You are guaranteed personal approach and professional ethics.

 My working experience is worth confidence; it covers more then 20 years in healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

I have a lot of licenses such as U S Drug Enforcement Agency License, New York Medical License, Basic Life Support, Advanced Trauma etc.

 I’m a member of I American College of Physicians, Drug information Association, American Bar Association and American Medical Association.

 I have a profound academic background. I studied at Seton Hall Law School and at SUNY Downstate Medical Center.

 My practice includes working at the St. Paul Ramsey Hospital, Purdue Pharma, Richmond Kidney Center and Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals.

 So we are to your disposal. Contact Don Scarfo if you need additional information.