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Barry Allen
The Law Office of Barry P. Allen
1029 Gettysvue Dr.
Knoxville, TN 37922


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Barry Allen
The Law Office of Barry P. Allen

Attorney Profile
Law School

Emory University
1972 - 1975



Summary of Legal and Business Background

Lawyer - with experience in large corporations, State and Federal agencies, and the military

Experienced litigator - almost 100 civil, criminal, and complex administrative cases

Internet entrepreneur (created international, multilingual regulatory database)

Created 5 trademarks, including Commerce Done Right® and The Global Business Information Leader®.

Practice Specialties

Military and Veterans law; environmental law; litigation; corporate law; international law and research.


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Internet business - multilingual, international regualtory database -
S.A.G.E. on the Web®

S.A.G.E. on the Web® offers Google Enterprise and Desktop search technology, website design and customization services, an international regulatory database and related analytical material, professional translation capabilities, and a range of value-added services – all for a global audience.