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Thomas C. Locke
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Thomas C. Locke
The Locke Law Firm

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Law School

South Texas
1999 - 2001


(832) 456-7909


South Texas College of Law 2001, Houston, Texas – Doctor of Jurisprudence

University of Texas 1997, Galveston, Texas - Bachelor of Science in Nursing

San Jacinto College 1992, Pasadena, Texas - Associate of Applied Science in Nursing

Current Licensures - Attorney at Law TX Bar No. 24034543; Registered Nurse - TX Board of Nurse Examiners License No. 618323

I firmly believe that we have the greatest jurisprudence system in the world. I didn’t say a perfect system, but the greatest system. What does that mean? It means that a system developed by man will never be perfect. Therefore, accusations, arrests, witness identifications, criminal procedure, man’s law and alleged confessions should always be challenged for truthfulness, veracity and accuracy. Hence the law is an adversarial system. What does that mean? It means that law enforcement, courts, district attorney’s offices and yes defense lawyers all have their own beliefs of what are the truth, the veracity and the accuracy of a crime. Thus there exists a conflict of who is right. You want an attorney who understands the system has tried many cases before juries and have a passion for the law. You want an attorney who will demand proof that a crime has been committed by you and moreover that they prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. I am that attorney. The United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights compel me to defend your rights without apology. Men and women have died in protecting our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Therefore, if it’s a cause worth dying for than surely it is a cause worth fighting for in a court of law on each and every single case. So strong is my belief in this concept, ideology and philosophy that I limit my practice solely to criminal defense and personal injury.

As a registered nurse I worked in the emergency department were I took care of the ill, the sick and the injured. Many times I took care of patients from nursing homes who were soaked in urine and fecal matter and had “bed sores” that were not because of their frailty, but because of neglect. As a medical professional this frustrated and angered me. Short of providing the best nursing care I could I knew I was treating the symptoms, but not the cause. This frustration and anger moved me to become a lawyer. This passion has driven me to not only speak for those in nursing homes, but for others who have been injured either by medical negligence from hospitals and physicians, by chemical plants who put profit over the safety of their employees, by pharmaceutical companies that choose to ignore the lack of efficacy and lack of safety of a drug simply for profit. Having said that I realize that bad things happen to people that are not the result of greed, incompetence or negligence of others. You want an attorney who can distinguish between the differences of the two and act accordingly. I am that attorney.

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