Sarasota Herald-Tribune (Florida)
September 24, 2007 Monday

Networking Site Courts Lawyers

You could call it a Facebook for mouthpieces.
The creators of LawLink say the professional and social networking site for attorneys is gaining national attention less than a month after its Aug. 24 launch.

More than 1,000 attorneys have taken advantage of the site's free membership policy, and about 100 more are signing up each day, according to Steven Choi, an Oakland, Calif., civil lawyer who started the site.
LawLink says an article about the site in the September issue of the American Bar Association Journal helped to spark nationwide interest in the network.

Members -- who must be licensed attorneys -- can use LawLink to network with other lawyers, develop new business leads, share information with colleagues, post and review job listings and other classified advertisements, and discuss legal topics in the site's forum section.
Members can also endorse the quality of their colleagues' work in their profiles. And the site even features a "personals" section for attorneys looking to fill out their social calendars.

"Professional networking sites are more valuable than ever these days, but when I looked for something really useful to me as an attorney, there was a huge void," Choi says.

The Web site is
-- Gerard Walen