California Labor Code Section 138.6

(a) The administrative director, in consultation with the Insurance Commissioner and the Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau, shall develop a cost-efficient workers' compensation information system, which shall be administered by the division. The administrative director shall adopt regulations specifying the data elements to be collected by electronic data interchange. (b) The information system shall do the following: (1) Assist the department to manage the workers' compensation system in an effective and efficient manner. (2) Facilitate the evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of the benefit delivery system. (3) Assist in measuring how adequately the system indemnifies injured workers and their dependents. (4) Provide statistical data for research into specific aspects of the workers' compensation program. (c) The data collected electronically shall be compatible with the Electronic Data Interchange System of the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions. The administrative director may adopt regulations authorizing the use of other nationally recognized data transmission formats in addition to those set forth in the Electronic Data Interchange System for the transmission of data required pursuant to this section. The administrative director shall accept data transmissions in any authorized format. If the administrative director determines that any authorized data transmission format is not in general use by claims administrators, conflicts with the requirements of state or federal law, or is obsolete, the administrative director may adopt regulations eliminating that data transmission format from those authorized pursuant to this subdivision.
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