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 Thomas A. Gorman, has specialized in criminal law for over 25 years. Mr. Gorman is certified as a Specialist in Criminal Law by the State Bar of Arizona and recognized as Learned counsel in United States District Court. Mr. Gorman has a statewide trial, appellate and habeas corpus practice.  Mr. Gorman is well versed in the 4th Amendment suppression issues and the law of search and siezure.  Mr. Gorman challenges all Interstate 40, Interstate 17 traffic stops by law enforcement who sieze money or drugs from travelers.  Mr. Gorman has tried cases and/or defended citizens around the state including, Winslow, Bisbee, Cottonwood, Flagstaff, Kingman, Phoenix, Prescott, Nogales, Page, Sedona, Snowflake and Tucson, AZ. Mr. Gorman has secured not guilty verdicts or secured outright dismissals for clients charged with transporting marijuana, possessing marijuana, sale of marijuana (using entrapment defense),  money laundering(using entrapment defense), 1st Degree Murder, capital murder, sexual assault, sale of drugs, domestic violence, assault, theft etc. Mr. Gorman has defended his clients by using, among other defenses, the defense of entrapment in marijuana and/or money laundering cases, the battered women syndrome, mental health defenses and self-defense. Mr. Gorman has defended death row inmates and/or trial capital defendants before State and Federal trial courts, the Arizona Supreme Court, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.  Mr.Gorman convinced the Arizona Supreme Court to reverse the death sentences of two death row inmates (Leroy Cropper and Gary W. Snelling) and convinced the high court to reverse the capital 1st degree murder conviction of Henry Hall.  see, State v. Cropper 206 AZ.153, see  State v. Snelling, CR-08-0164-AP (Ariz.), see State v. Hall, 204 Ariz. 442. Other published opinions in which Mr. Gorman represented the Appellee/defendant include Poland v. Stewart, 169 F3d 573 (9th Circuit (1999), Poland v. Stewart, 151 F3d 1014 (9th Circuit 1999), United States Juvenile Male, 118 F.3d 1344 (9th Circuit 1997) State v. Cropper 205 Ariz. 181 (2003), State v. Ring 204 Ariz 534 (2003), State v. Anderson, 211 Ariz 59 (2005), State v. Anderson 210 Ariz. 327 (2005). Habeas corpus:State v. Vincent Smith CR2012- 128732-001 Rule 32 state habeas, convictions and life sentence reversed;State v. David W. Kiehle CR99-091679 Rule 32 state habeas petition denied by trial court, petition for review to COA granted, petition granted by trial court on remand, Kiehle’s 1st degree murder conviction reversed; State v. Kyle David Sharp CR95-000271 Rule 32 state habeas, capital Rule 32 proceeding, Sharp’s death sentence reversed, life sentence imposed;  federal petition for issuace of writ :Mikal Omar Rasul, Petitioner v. Janet Napolitano; Terry L. Stewart, Director; David Cluff, Respondents, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals No. 2004-15937, D.C. No. CV-01 -001 129-DCB (petition for issuance of writ of habeas corpus, petition granted, federal district court reversed by 9th circuit,);Trial work: State v. Roger Raymond Gonzalez. CR91-91184  (acquittal of capital charge, by jury verdict); State v. David W. Kiehle CR99-091679 (acquittal of 1st degree murder chargeat trial by jury verdict; State v. Arturo Sesma CR1999-009337 (Two 1st degree murder charges, dismissed with prejudice day of jury selection on defense motion );State v. Nicholas Sizemore CR 20010338, capital case, State precluded from seeking death based on lead counsel’s (Gorman) defense tactic, case featured in New York Times, see New York Times September 16, 2002 article, “A Supreme Court Ruling Roils Death Penalty Case.”;State v. Oliver Hurley, acquittal of 2nd Degree Murder  by jury verdict (Flagstaff, AZ Coconino County Superior Court);

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