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Consult Personal Injury Attorneys in Arizona to get complete legal guidance for your personal injuries in Scottsdale and Phoenix area.
Posted by Adam Davis on 12.16.14 in Personal Injury - Personal Injury. (AZ)
Drug Injury Watch: December 2014 YAZ / Yasmin Litigation Update: Still Over 2000 DVT And/Or PE Cases Not Settled According To Bayer's Most Recent Financial Report And New Blood Clot Side Effect Lawsuits, Including Some Involving The Lesser-Known Safyral And Beyaz DRSP Pills, Are Still Being Filed Against Bayer
Posted by Tom Lamb on 12.16.14 in Personal Injury.
Drug Injury Watch: December 2014 Fosamax - Femur Fracture Litigation Update: In The Fosamax Federal Court MDL There Are Dismissals, Appeals, And Court-Ordered Mediations Judge Pisano's Rulings About Merck's Pre-September 2010 Fosamax Label And Its Subsequent Revised Fosamax Label Are Being Challenged By The Plaintiffs
Posted by Tom Lamb on 12.8.14 in Personal Injury.
Using patented technology without licensing can get a company into trouble even if it operates in a foreign country. Foreign organizations can be sued in a local court. Language barriers do not complicate matters for companies that believe their intellectual property rights have been violated. They can seek the assistance of professional translators to translate documents that strengthen their case.
Posted by Sophia Williams on 11.24.14 in Intellectual Prop - Patent Law. (CA)
Side Effects Blog: Because No Antidote For Eliquis Is Available To Reverse The Effects Of Anticoagulation, There Have Been Irreversible Life-Threatening And Fatal Bleeding Events A Reversal Agent For Eliquis Currently Under Development Comes Too Late For People With Trauma-Induced Bleeding Incidents, Some Who Bled To Death
Posted by Tom Lamb on 11.19.14 in Personal Injury.
Side Effects Blog: Xarelto: Drug-Induced Liver Injury Warning Should Be Added To Drug Label Prescribing Information For Xarelto Say Medical Researchers Medical Journal Article Reports On Two Patients Who Experienced Severe Liver Damage Onset During Xarelto Treatment
Posted by Tom Lamb on 11.12.14 in Personal Injury.
Drug Injury Watch: The Link Between Popular Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Drug Viagra And Melanoma Has A Potential Molecular Basis According To Medical Expert Who Reviewed Recent Study Finding Applies Also To ED Drugs Cialis, Levitra, Staxyn, and Stendra, As Well As Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) Medications Revatio And Adcirca
Posted by Tom Lamb on 11.5.14 in Personal Injury.
Drug Injury Watch: Some Patients Who Stopped Taking Cymbalta Have Suffered From Extended And Severe Withdrawal Reactions Without Warning Cymbalta Discontinuation Syndrome / Symptoms Include "Brain Zaps", Extreme Mood Swings (anger, irritability), And Neurological Or Physical Problems
Posted by Tom Lamb on 10.29.14 in Personal Injury.
Drug Injury Watch: Mirapex / Requip / Neupro: Significant Increased Risk Of Compulsive Behaviors -- Gambling, Shopping, And Sex -- For These Parkinsons And Restless Leg Drugs These Impulse Side Effects, As Seen In Adverse Drug Events Reports, Are Much Higher Than Previously Thought According To New Medical Journal Article
Posted by Tom Lamb on 10.23.14 in Personal Injury.
Drug Injury Watch: European Medicines Agency (EMA) Committee Recommends Further Restrictions On Use Of Depakote / Depakene / Depacon By Women Of Childbearing Age Cites Higher Risks Of Neural Tube Defects Like Spina Bifida, Hypospadias, And Other Birth Defects As Well As Increased Risk Of Autism Spectrum Disorder
Posted by Tom Lamb on 10.16.14 in Personal Injury.