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Aspen Law Firm reports on need to sue in a timely fashion under new Colorado Supreme Court Case. Lawyers from Aspen to Denver, Vail to Durango must be aware of this year’s Colorado Supreme Court laches decision in Hickerson v. Vessels, 316 P. 3d 620, 623 (Colo. 2014).
Posted by Matthew Ferguson on 8.19.14 in Articles.
Drug Injury Watch: Prolia And Femur Fractures: Three Recent Case Reports Indicate A Possible Safety Issue For This Relatively New Drug From Amgen While Prolia Is An Alternative To Bisphosphonates Such As Fosamax, It Has Similar Increased Risk Of Low-Stress Femur Fractures Side Effect
Posted by Tom Lamb on 8.14.14 in Personal Injury.
Have you ever wondered what your rights are when approached by police on the street?
Posted by Dale Savage on 8.12.14 in Criminal Law.
Drug Injury Watch: More Medical Evidence Indicates That Statin Drugs Like Lipitor Can Cause New-Onset Type 2 Diabetes Benefit / Risk Assessment Of Statins Like Lipitor May Depend On Whether It Is A Medically Necessary Drug Therapy For The Particular Patient
Posted by Tom Lamb on 8.5.14 in Personal Injury - Personal Injury.
How to get criminal history
Posted by Kenneth Vercammen on 8.2.14 in Criminal Law.
Drug Injury Watch: AndroGel / Axiron / Testim: Heart Attacks, Strokes, And Other Cardiovascular Problems Will Be Subject Of FDA Advisory Panel Meeting In September 2014 Health Canada Orders Label Change For Testosterone Drugs In July 2014: Must Warn About Increased Risks Of Side Effects Including Blood Clots, DVTs, PEs
Posted by Tom Lamb on 7.22.14 in Personal Injury.
Drug Injury Watch: When Someone Using Benicar Is Diagnosed With Celiac Disease They May Have, Instead, Developed Drug Induced Sprue-Like Enteropathy Or Intestinal Malabsorption This Severe Diarrhea Side Effect Is Caused By Olmesartan, Which Is Also Found In Azor, Tribenzor, And Benicar HCT Blood Pressure Medications
Posted by Tom Lamb on 7.16.14 in Personal Injury.
Drug Injury Watch: Summer 2014 Update: Testosterone "Low-T" Drugs: New FDA Safety Warnings; Recent Medical Journal Article About Heart Risks Of Injectable TRT Products All Testosterone Therapy Drugs Need To Warn About Blood Clots Side Effects Like DVT And PE; Older Depo-Testosterone Product May Be Safer Than New Gels Such As AndroGel And Testim
Posted by Tom Lamb on 7.10.14 in Personal Injury.
Drug Injury Watch: June 2014 Benicar FDA Drug Safety Communication: Did It Decrease Or Increase Public Concern About The Risk Of Cardiovascular Death Benicar, Azor, Tribenzor, Benicar HCT, And Other Blood Pressure Medicines Containing Olmesartan: Cardiovascular Mortality In Not A Side Effect Risk, Or Is It
Posted by Tom Lamb on 7.7.14 in Personal Injury.
In a huge victory for the right to privacy over the need of law enforcement to investigate crimes, the United States Supreme Court unanimously ruled that unless exigent circumstances are present, police may not search the cellphones of criminal suspects without a warrant. Riley v. California (2014)(the current cases are U.S. v. Wurie (13-212) and Riley v. California (13-132)).
Posted by Steven J. Topazio on 7.4.14 in Criminal Law. (MA)