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This is a certified copy of the Judgment on Verdict in Jury Trial that was recently signed by the Honorable Judge Mark V. Mooney in the case of Yu Chung Koo v. Huang Cho Hong, et al., Los Angeles Superior Court, Central District, Case no. BC 414375.
Posted by Robin Mashal on 9.13.10 in Miscellaneous.
Brief article on what the U.S. Government can and will do for you.
Posted by Bryon Gross on 9.7.10 in Miscellaneous - Newsworthy.
This is a copy of the press release issued by Loyola Law School, Los Angeles on April 15, 2010. U.S. News & World Report issues annual school rankings. In the 2011 edition of the magazine, Loyola Law School will be placed 15 spots higher in the list of “America’s Best Graduate Schools”. Based on this report, Loyola Law School Los Angeles is ranked 56 out of 188 accredited United States law schools. For more information visit the school's web site
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A general information document on F.O.I.L. and Privacy Request with the U.S. Government.
Posted by Bryon Gross on 7.29.10 in Miscellaneous - Political.
In this recent decision, the California Appellate Court held in the absence of proper founation, a redlight camera photograph was inadmissible hearsay and violated the Confrontation Clause.
Posted by Robin Mashal on 7.23.10 in Miscellaneous - Newsworthy.
Bank depositors received a scam e-mail asking them to deposit checks and wire transfer them overseas for a 12% fee. When they did so, their account became overdrawn because the checks had been altered. Bank sued the depositor and obtained attachment order against them for more than $458,000. California Appellate Court held: The depositors had the burden to show bank acted negligently in depositing the checks.
Posted by Robin Mashal on 5.26.10 in Miscellaneous.
An Artcile on how to take basic steps to protect you and your family from identity theft.
Posted by Bryon Gross on 4.1.10 in Miscellaneous - Newsworthy.
In 2009, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advised consumers about the risk of permanent skin and mucous membrane discoloration, known as argyria, associated with the use of dietary supplements that contain silver, including colloidal silver. Argyria is a permanent and irreversible grayish or bluish discoloration of the skin, conjunctiva (the clear membrane that covers the white part of the eye), nails, and gums. Although argyria is not dangerous
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A brief article on Consumer Credit Reporting and Debt Collections law.
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Free Legal Resources for the Public
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