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Plaintiff, a married woman, purchased residence house and took out a purchase money mortgage. When the loan became variable she fell behind on her payments and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. She intended to convert to a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and obtain her husband's aid in keeping the house. Bank's agents told her they will modify the loan if she forgoes further bankruptcy proceedings and she agreed, but the bank obtained relief from automatic stay and foreclosed. Held: she stated proper causes of action for fraud and promissory estoppel against the bank.
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Bring up the subject of a nonprofit’s bylaws and you are sure to get an interesting response. For many nonprofit’s, their bylaws are just some forgotten document, full of legalese, gathering dust in a file cabinet somewhere. No one on the current board of directors knows who prepared them nor what any of the provisions mean. They certainly are not referring back to them for any reason. For a nonprofit that actively uses its bylaws, the bylaws can be an interesting glimpse into the organization’s governing psyche. Are they control freaks…or just the opposite?
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As can be seen from even this brief overview below, the State Blue Sky laws are a complicated web of regulations, from 50 different jurisdictions.
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Abuse of prescription drugs can produce serious health effects, including addiction. Leaving prescription drugs easily available to others, especially minors, is gross negligence.
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This is a copy of the order signed by the Honorable Charles W. McCoy, Jr., presiding judge, which prohibits the use of cameras in the courthouses of the Superior Court of California.
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Timely discussion examines the uncertainty of America's financial and legal system and steps we should consider today to protect our hard earned money. This is not the normal "recycled" financial advice you will find in the newspaper!
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After rental car customer crashed the car and caused the death of Plaintiff's son, Plaintiff sued automobile rental company under various theories including negligent entrustment, becuase the customer had previous convictions for driving under influence (DUI). This California court held, the automobile rental company had no duty to electonically search customer's driving records before renting a car to him.
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When we think of fraudsters, we think of sleezy investments bankers and promoters in suits. For the tiny California city of Bell, the fraudsters were the city officials. This is an outrageous story of government misconduct.
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Legal Malpractice and Asset Recovery blog post - discusses recent SEC action against Minnesota attorney accusing him of operating a Ponzi scheme that bilked 100's of people across the U.S. out of tens of millions of dollars.
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